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Top 5 reasons you should list with “Your Local Realtor”

When you talk about a real estate transaction everyone has the same goal…CLOSE THE SALE! But if you’re the buyer you probably want a steal of a deal on the property while the seller obviously wants top dollar.

No one understands how to navigate this seesaw better than a licensed realtor. Whether you are buying or selling an experienced and knowledgeable realtor is a MUST. Check out our top 5 reasons you should use your local Realtor for your next real estate transaction.

1. Brokerage Commissions vs FSBO: This means different things if you’re a buyer or if you’re a seller. It’s been shown that FSBO (For Sale By Owner) properties bring about 30% LESS than homes sold through Realtors. Commissions paid to Realtors vary but the average is around 6%. Math doesn’t lie! If you think you can save money by going FSBO you may be short changing yourself greatly! Not to mention if your buyer is represented by an agent you will inevitably pay their commission which is shorting your bottom line even further. If you’re a buyer…just hire an agent! Commissions are generally paid by the seller side at the time of closing so when you hire an agent to represent you as a buyer you basically get top of the line, professional help for FREE!

2. VISIBILITY and recognition: Realtors KNOW how to get your home seen! Buyers recognize and trust the brands that realtors often represent with their brokerages. Realtors know where, when and how to promote. Advertising is expensive! Realtors are Experts at it this so take advantage of the branding they have already done! That branding creates increased confidence among potential buyers when they see a familiar face, name or logo associated with your property listing.

3. TIME! Hiring a realtor can save you so much time! Realtors know other realtors. They often know about properties hitting the market before they’ve been advertised to the general public. In a sellers market when inventory is low save yourself the headache and let a professional do the footwork for you! Experienced realtors also know their markets very well. What does that mean for you? It means they have information on HOA regulations, school zoning, property taxes, available services and amenities and so much more.

4. Quality vs Quantity: Listing your home and keeping it ‘ready to show’ can be exhausting! Realtors have prequalified clients. That means when your house is shown it’s being seen by real prospective buyers. If you list your home FSBO you could waste a lot of time preparing and showing your home to “window shoppers” who have no real intention or ability to close the deal.

5. Attention to detail: From initial walk through to the closing table your agent has your best interest in mind. Agents are trained to look at homes differently than their clients. While you are daydreaming about the gorgeous breakfast nook your agent is looking at things like the condition of the roof, HVAC components, mold issues, insects and on and on. The agents’ job doesn’t stop after you’ve seen and chosen your dream home. Licensed agents read and interpret the mountains of paperwork involved in the sales transaction to ensure all i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. They also have real estate attorneys on hand to tackle any legal issues that could arise. The devil in the details is never more evident than in huge life decisions like that of home ownership. You need someone at the closing table that is in your corner.

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