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Now Reaching Bartlett

The Bartlett magazine reaches 27,500 households in Barlett!

Fayette County

This edition is celebrating its 15th year of publication!  

The Fayette County Shop Local Magazine saturates Oakland, Hickory Withe, Somerville, Williston,

Macon, Rossville, Moscow, La Grange, Gallaway & Braden zip codes.


The Arlington/Lakeland Shop Local Magazine saturates 38002,  which includes Arlington,

Lakeland and the Shelby County portion of Eads, 38028. 


The Collierville/Germantown Shop Local Magazine saturates the zip codes 38017,

38138 and 38139.  This area includes Collierville, Germantown and Piperton.

Greater Memphis

The Greater Memphis Shop Local Magazine reaches from the edge of

Germantown to Harbor town including the zip codes 38103, 38107, 38112, 38104,

38111, 38117, 38120, and 38119. 


The Tipton Millington Shop Local Magazine saturates Munford, Atoka, Brighton,

Covington, Gilt Edge/Burlison, Mason, & Millington 

500 Terry Francine St. 

San Francisco, CA 94158

For more information about distribution and pricing. 


We will send over our Media Kit shortly.  Thank you! 

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