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Shop Local Magazines have been publishing community centric magazines promoting local owned businesses since 2009. We want local businesses to be able to engage with their best customers...their neighbors.  Shop Local Magazine reaches across the Mid-south with magazines in Fayette County, Arlington, Lakeland, Collierville, Germantown, Memphis, Olive Branch, Tipton County, & Millington. 

Our Team

Our team specializes in marketing, graphic design, and small and large business strategy to help our customers get the most from Shop Local Magazine.  For more information about our staff please click below.


"I have used shop local magazine for over a year now and they have been HUGE for my business. I get calls almost daily from the ad they made for me. Also, the team at shop local makes the whole process super easy. Definitely the most professional and effective print ad magazine in the Shelby County area!" Brent Simmons, CAO Restorations Systems Inc.  

For more information please contact or call 901.605.5061

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