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What happens when you buy products made in the USA!

What happens when you buy products made in the USA?

There has been a lot of talk lately about buying goods manufactured in the United States. What exactly does that look like and does it really make a difference. It’s as simple as thinking before you buy…and YES it does make a difference. Here is a SHORT list of reasons why buying American is important, maybe now more than ever.

*You create jobs in our country and in our cities and towns. Each American spending $3.33 per year on American made products can create 10,000 new jobs! Imagine $700 spent on gifts in a year. If every gift purchased was made in USA one person could help create nearly 1 million jobs!

*You support OUR economies. Purchasing products made right here at home keeps money in our national and local economies. More Americans working means more wages being taxed supporting our national economy. The economic boost doesn’t stop there. Look around your town or the towns near you. Is there a manufacturing facility there? How many people in the town work there? What is the local revenue generated by the manufacturing; in the form of local taxes. And all the local shops, restaurants and gas stations being patronized by plant employees.

*You encourage safe work environments and safe products. Many countries are able to produce cheaper products because of lower standards in labor practices, the absence of minimum wage and child labor regulations as well as diminished safety testing on products. When you buy American made you’re not contributing to child or slave labor. You’re getting quality products manufactured safely and ethically.

*You contribute to a cleaner planet. Raw materials are often shipped from the United States overseas to create goods that are then shipped back to the US for sale. That’s a lot of fuel! When you buy what is being produced here we reduce our carbon footprint leaving a smaller mark on the environment.

This is not an exhaustive list of benefits for buying American. A quick web search of ‘why buy American made’ will give you more than enough reasons to stop and think before you buy. Shop American. Shop Local!

Check this blog and our Instagram page for local sources for American made products!


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James Gosnell
James Gosnell

Great read!!!


Teresa Hurley Pentz
Teresa Hurley Pentz

If you are a local business and have a product line "made in the USA" please comment.

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